Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The Village of Eagle water tower was completed in or about 1980.  It is capable of holding 250,000 gallons of water and is fed with an 8” transmission line that carries the water nearly 1.5 miles from the well fields to the tower.  There are currently two ground water wells in that field that supply the Village with room for additional wells.

 The tower is located near the corner of 5th and “D” streets where it rises about 130 feet above the ground.  The internal water level is regulated between a low of 90-feet and a high level of 120-feet.  The over all height of the tower is able to maintain a water pressure rate between 45 and 75 psi to the residents of the Village.

 There is an inter-local agreement between the Village and the Cass County Rural Water District No. 2 that allows either entity to connect with the other in the event of a disrupted water supply.  This should handle most emergency situations.

 The water is billed to the Village residents on a monthly basis as shown by their individual residential water meters and does not include the sewer user fees.

 The current water rates have a base rate of $8.00 per month which includes the first 1000 gallons of water.  Subsequent rates are as follow:

$1.40 per 1,000 gallons from 1,001 to 4,000 gallons

$1.75 per 1,000 gallons from 4,001 to 9,000 gallons

$2.10 per 1,000 gallons from 9,001 to 14,000 gallons

$2.45 per 1,000 gallons from 14,001 to 19,000 gallons

$2.80 per 1,000 gallons for amounts in excess of 19,000 gallons

All non-resident users, approved for access by the Municipality, shall pay 175% of the rates set forth above. 

A deposit is required for new residents moving into Eagle. The deposit amount is $300.00. The break down for the $300.00 deposit is:

$150.00 for water

$150.00 for sewer



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Recycle Trailer

Village of Eagle now has the recycle trailer full time. The recycle trailer is located next
to the Village Maintenance Shop
at 540 C Street.