Samuel Prouty farmed two miles east of the north side of the road in the 1860’s.  The Eagle Post Office was located in his house, and he was appointed the first Postmaster on November 5, 1869.

At that time, there was a stage and mail route from Plattsmouth to Weeping Water and another stage route from Weeping Water to Eagle.  A mail route was established between Lincoln and Eagle but only ran on Saturday.  This was primarily for the State Journal paper.

The Post Office was moved from time to time until Joseph A. Blanchard was made Postmaster on October 29, 1885 and moved the Post Office into his store where the ball diamond is now.  Later, the Post Office moved to a building on the west side of main street, and then to a building on the east side of main street.  That building was used for many years and is still standing in 1986.

Many of the people involved with providing mail service to the residents of the Eagle area are listed below.




Ansil Berdick

Samuel Prouty

Nov. 5, 1869

Bob Corr

William Wright

Sept. 12, 1872

Bill Trumble

Harriet McClintic

May 18, 1874

Ralph Beach

Alfred S. Cooley

May 24, 1876

Ralph Dreamer

John J. Bahr

Oct. 11, 1880

*Orin Lanning

Frank C. McClintic

Feb. 1, 1882

*Don Schmidt

William G. Dougherty

Dec. 18, 1882

*Dick Carr

Jay D. Freeman

Dec. 11, 1884

*Marion Wulf

Joseph A. Blanchard

Oct. 29, 1885

*Melvin Adams

Abanson O. Taylor

Oct. 9, 1889

*substitute carriers

Joseph A. Blanchard

Aug. 15, 1891


(not commissioned)


Eva Scattergood

John M. Ray

Aug. 22, 1891

Verna Habel

Joseph W. Beiser

April 9, 1892

Diane Krieser

George W. Venner

April 1, 1896

Katherine Dreamer

James M. Gardner

April 20, 1900


Franz A. Ollerman

Feb. 4, 1902


Pauline O. Ollerman

July 10, 1904


William H. Gardner

Aug. 29, 1904


George W. Peterson

May 23, 1906


Raymond B. Watson

Sept. 12, 1914


F. William Blomenkamp

June 22, 1915

Acting Postmaster

Fred C. Beach

Dec. 5, 1923


Fred C. Beach

March 15, 1924

Acting Postmaster

Mrs. Pearl Adams

May 3, 1938


Hazel L. Porter

April 25, 1939

Acting Postmaster

Verna E. Habel

May 5, 1967


Verna E. Habel

April 4, 1968


Ruby K. Wilson

Nov. 29, 1982


Richard D. Wendt

Feb. 5, 1983